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Anonymous asked: I never get approached my men. I am fat and weird looking but not that unattractive. I have heard that I don't make eye contact with men very often, and I wondering doing that simple thing would help. Is eye contact with men just that powerful?


it is definitely, definitely powerful. eye contact can really make the difference in attractiveness. i make eye contact often and maintain it with no problem and some men have told me that me just looking at them is enough to get their dick hard and others have told me that it feels like i’m staring into their soul and it makes them nervous so i get mixed reviews. but when it comes to being approached, you definitely need to get comfortable making eye contact. i’ve perfected the stare-glance away-glance back-look down-stare combo which always gets a dude swaggering over. they don’t wanna get rejected so if they see you keep looking at them and meeting their eyes, it’s like an invitation to talk. at least the cool ones anyway. some dudes will read your DON’T LOOK AT ME DON’T TALK TO ME DON’T TOUCH ME body language and still try to talk to you which is obnoxious imo.

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Not every guy who compliments you on the street or says something nice to you is trying to get with you. A dude can say hello and wave to some of you women and you’ll mace him and cry street harassment.

Giving a polite “hello” or a smile, or nod is one…

I still haven’t gotten an answer as to what ‘pseudosexual’means here…

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I just unfollowed a bitch for talking shit about men in crop tops.

Don’t oppose the movement.

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the dress romper is back.

I cannot deal

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Long distance is fucking difficult.

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My mom just handed me a small bouquet of carnations out of nowhere. When I looked confused, she simply said:

"Every young lady should get flowers sometimes."

I love my mom.

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It can be hard living in this world when your perception is fixed on the bigger picture of humanity; where most of the people view themselves as a separate entity.
— Awakened Vibrations  (via awakenedvibrations)
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twurkteamte asked: I'm truly baffled by the complete & utter stupidity that is this generation. When I read your post I thought about all the times I've been complimented by strangers that just felt the need to say "hey i love your hair" by MEN. I get ppl all the time that tell me they like my smile and keep it pushing. How can you not discern a simple acknowledgement from blatant flirting. That's why everyone is so "lonely" and angry because they can't even acknowledge another HUMAN BEINGS presence. GTFO


Bless you.

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I swing my hips too much when I walk.

Woorrrddd me too

We outchea.


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